Five days FDP was conducted from 9th August, 2021 to 13th August, 2021 on Research Methodology. The study provided necessary training in choosing methods, materials, scientific tools and training in techniques relevant for the problem chosen. This program gave the path to all faculties and helped in choosing a wholly suitable and sound method that is right for research project which helps to succeed. Research Methodology topic gave guidelines to make the project manageable, smooth and effective.

To create awareness on Cyber crimes & Security issues in IT World a guest lecture was conducted on 14th July, 2021. Guest Dr. Alkawati Magadum explained the importance of cyber security in current situation and what care has to be taken to avoid cyber crimes. She guided on Dr. Alkawati Magadum guided on Cyber Stalking, Extortion, Spoofing, Cyber Crimes and Cyber Forensics, Privacy Policy for various applications, Do’s and don’ts of online communication and usage of security countermeasures. At the end of the course, participants got knowledge on Cyber Attacks and corresponding security mechanism along with necessary application software.

Prof. Ananya Verma conducted online session for MBA students on “English Speaking” on 04th August, 2021. The session was conducted to develop and integrate the use of the four language skills i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The session created awareness on English Speaking and enabled students to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situation. She also told that to improve our Speaking skills we have to follow favorites like Reflect on your conversations, Listen and read, Prepare cheat sheets, Pick up the phone, Record your voice and Have fun.