Webinar held on 27th June, 2020


Webinars are designed to help students and staff to build on boarding programs that drives better business outcomes. Trinity Institute of Management and Research, Pune, during the pandemic period arranged webinar on “Corporate Culture across Industries” on 27th June 2020. Guest Speaker Ms. Manju Koushik, Director, Honeywell, Bangaluru corporate practices followed by different companies.


  1. To make students aware of corporate culture.
  2. To keep students updated about corporate environment.
  3. To make them prepared to enter the corporate world.


Trinity Institute of Management and Research in association with Ms. Manju Koushik, Director, Honeywell, Bengaluru, successfully conducted a webinar on “Corporate Culture across Industries”. The webinar started with a welcome speech by Dr. Preeti Sharma, Director, TIMR, followed by a guest introduction by Ms. Bhavna Mishra, MBA-II student. The guest session started at 11:10am and continued till 11:55am which covered resolving student and staff queries also along with an informative session by the guest. Speaker Ms. Manju Koushik shared her experience of the corporate world with students and staff. She explained the difference in corporate culture followed by various companies.  The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Bhavana Mishra.


Management was very supportive and further encouraged the students to work hard and make a name for themselves and the Institute.


All Students, Faculty, Staff and students felt overwhelmed. The Program depicted touched deep chords in everyone’s hearts.