That’s the response given many a times by prospective candidates when asked what they plan to do after completing their MBA program.

Then again there are some who share the plan till 2025!

Yes, I know that this is not a success measuring parameter. But there is a thing called as clarity.

Let me share about a student from the 2019 – 2021 batch. She is one of the few ones who attends the lectures regularly. She wears multiple hats of being a devoted daughter, a teacher to her tuition students while being a student herself. Always the first one to answer a question or question a concept till she understands, she is every teacher’s delight. No, she is not a teacher’s pet!

Just a few days ago, I asked her if she was doing MBA so that it would help her find a better life partner.

She confidently denied it. She said, “ I aim to be a Professor. Psychology and management are growing big in future. Opportunities are going to be tremendous”. I am so proud of her. I marvel at her focus. She has done her research as to where she would definitely be in the coming two years.

I was new to this organization at the time of 2017-19 Batch. The best thing I liked about them was their camaraderie. One look at them and you could understand, “birds of one feather….” Amongst them was an undisputed king…a leader. The leader wore a carefree attitude but his classmates respected each of his word and decision. However, conversations regarding career path were lost ones with him.

Think about Hritik Roshan’s character Karan Shergill in the first half of the movie – Lakshya. Just a few days ago, when we connected, he informed me that he was paving his path towards a political career. I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong. I was surprised because I thought politics would have been the last career choice he would ever make! He always spoke about setting up a business.

(This is why I love being a teacher. The treasures of experience grows manifolds with every student you meet)

Surprisingly, with no bias or direct criticism, it is the candidates from well established families that are more or less undecided about future. The approaches to life and MBA program are more like-

1.         Abhi do saal hain. Decide kar lenge

2.         How can I decide without knowing what is in it I will decide only once I know something about it!

Approach 1-

Your two years begin the day you take admission in an MBA program. The next day, you are already on a MINUS 1 day. Believe me, time really flies away when you are in the midst of exams, assignments, projects, fests, visits, bunking, just to name a few.

Sem III comes sooner than you can say Masters of Business Administration’. And it brings with it the placement season – the main reason why most of the candidates opt for this program. By this time the students are expected to know where they want to go, what are their short term and long term goals, their own SWOT analysis. And this stage happens as soon as you complete your summer internship project (SIP). By the way, the process of being selected for an SIP is no less than a placement exercise.

In all true sense, you don’t have two years. You were to decide about your life yesterday.

Approach 2-

Let’s face it. This approach doesn’t even sound right!!! Why would you seek admission in something if you don’t have any idea about it It’s like going for a movie without watching it’s trailer!! And trailers we never miss!!

As a candidate you need to have clear, if not concise, idea about the program, the specialization that you might opt for and the reasons for that decision. The decision needs to be an informed one and not because someone told you to opt for it.

Go to the websites of the college university, study the syllabus, talk and discuss with people already well established in the field. Read about the basic concepts of the specialization. This is the least we can do for defining our career path.

Because this approach shall take you back to approach 1.

Please do not get caught in the vicious circle of procrastination.

So coming back to Karan Shergill, had he focused on his choices in the first half of the film, he wouldn’t have lost six months’ seniority. He wouldn’t have had to call his peers “Sir”.

Yes, he is still a hero.

Like YOU… who are reading this article now.

The only appeal is to be well prepared before your induction day to the program on your college premises.

Written by…

Sonali Joshi

Asst. Prof. TIMR

Trinity Institute of Management & Research

Note: Images used are just a metaphor to re-enforce the intent of the article.