Marathi Bhasha Pandharwada @ trinity MBA,Pune


“Marathi Bhasha Savrdhan Pandharwada” is celebrated from 1 to 15 January every year to preserve the gloryof Marathi language and for conservation of Marathi language in all over Maharashtra.

TIMR has celebrated this fortnight’s programs in order to enhance the vocabulary of the students and to introduce them to Marathi culture and history. During this time, MBA department organized various competitions. Not only college students but teaching and non-teaching staff also participated enthusiastically in these competitions to celebrate ‘Marathi Bhasha Savrdhan Pandharwada’.

Program Objectives

1. Language is the root map of our culture and we have to make an efforts to preserve our root languages, thus to eradicate the language barrier this day is celebrated

2. To take pride in the language of the state and not be weary of marking the day

3. This day is celebrated by schools, colleges, universities in the state to honor the rich history Marathi language

4. A circular uploaded on the university’s website has made it mandatory to celebrate the day, a compliance report for which will also be expected post the events

Under the guidance of Director TIMR, Dr Mukti Katariya worked to make this event a success.

Program Summary

  •  The program began with a National Anthem with all the attendees standing and paying respects to our National Anthem. Tributes were paid to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by all attendees.
  • Dr. Mukti Katariya, event coordinator opened the session by narrating the importance of this day, brief about the program and competition held in program. Hand-writing, shudhlekhan and essay competitions were held for students as well as for staff.
  • Dr Ravindra Gadge, Director of Trinity Institute of Management studies and Research commenced the program with a welcome and introductory speech about Marathi Bhasha, importance of event and reason behind conduction of event.
  • Director TIMR, Dr Ravindra Gadge also addressed the crowd with the strong message that don’t feel ashamed speaking in your mother tongue, our contribution to preserve the language should work in a good spirit. He also narrated that how this language will be important for clearing the pronunciation of the difficult words by few examples.
  • Five topics for essay competition were given by Director, TIMR. MBA I and II year students along with Genesis marketing staff team participated in this event. Total time of 20 minutes was allotted for essay wring competition. They are as follows:
  • For handwriting competition lot of enthusiasm shown by faculty. Teaching, non-teaching staff as well as Genesis marketing staff also participated along with students in this competition.
  • Mr. Atul Pawar and Prof. Madhura Gaikwad presented ‘Bhavgita’ in Marathi and augment the event.
  • In the last Shudhalekhan competition is conducted. 3 paragraphs were dictated by event coordinator Dr. Mukti Katariya to judge expertise of students in Marathi language.
  • The program came to an end with Vote of Thanks by the Academic Coordinator, Dr Preeti Sharma.

Impact of the Event

1. The recent celebrations in Maharashtra have seen significant due to active government involvement.

2. Such program underlines the strength of languages and its impact on the life of the individual

3. It not only makes students aware of the history of the language, but also encourages students to learn the state language as well read and understand literary works and communicate in it.

Session concluded with the announcement of the winners.